With Lee Konitz, Massimo Manzi, Giovanni Guidi, Simone Maggio, Simone La Maida, Roberto Zechini & many others

  •  Tokyo International Ginza Jazz Festival 2005
  •  Young Jazz in Town 2004 • Young Jazz in Town 2005
  •  Castiglion dell Pescaglia jazz sotto le stelle 2005
  •  Auditorium Parco della Musica Roma 2005


  • Premio giuria e il premio del pubblico al 29. Internationales Kurz Film Festival Hamburg. [music]                                             
  • Miglior Film al Milano Film Festival 2013. [music]                                                                                                                      

Sound Engineer

  • Short Movie Little Block of Cement Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea Directed and Produced by: Jorge López Navarrete Music
  • Short Movie “El Experimento” Dir. Maja Djokic Sound Engineering A Video Gift for Green Point Film Festival – New York Jorge López Navarrete

Sound Art Developer  with Fabrizio Cotognini

  •  Il Bestiario Morto Artissima 2011 Internazionale D’ Arte Contemporanea
  •  12 Years Symbiosis XV Biennale de la Mediterranée – Thessaloniki – Greece Museo MacroRoma
  •  Tentativo di Creare un Eco Mentale. 13o Premio Cairo Milan Italy
  •  June 6 – July 7, 2013, Errors Allowed, Mediterranea 16 Young Artists Biennial, Ancona, Italy

Composer with Agostino Maria Ticino

  • Visionary Mind records  Iketa “Forever”|Remix| February 11 2013
  • Black Sam Records Aleister Blavtasky”Julia Augusta Taurinorum”|Remix|September 09 2013
  • Visionary Mind records Iketa”Walls”|Remix| December 09 2013
  • Irma records Locomotif “Onirica”|Remix| November 2013


Agostino Maria Ticino was born in the town of San Severino Marche (Macerata) in 1983. He soon developed a passion for music thanks to his father Piero, who in those years was president and co-owner of local radio station RadioSette. He started studying classical guitar at the age of 10 years attending the course in the school of musical experimentation with the teacher Nicola Basilico. In 1996 he took part in several competitions for young high school musicians, winning the second place in the national competition for classes in musical experimentation in Varenna (CO). Since he was a child, hehas played with various underground bands and, through these experiences, he discovered the world of computer music.Since 2001, he has started to dedicate himself completely to electronic music. He moved to Rome’s University (getting a degree in developmental psychology and education) where he gradually became part of the electronic Roman scene. He plays in the best clubs in Italy and in many Italian festivals of electronic music.As Ticino Villella Duo in 2009 opened the concert of D’Arcangelo (Rephlex) for the launch tour of their new album. It is currently active in different contexts of music production, ranging from music for documentaries, the production of indie-rock bands and he produces dance music with Till2012records, a Roman independent label he co-founded. From 2011 works for Irma Records.


  • Antheil ” Four Frantic Fragments” with Solange Mattioli [Irma records] (coming soon)
  • Aedi, Aedi met heidi [Seahorse Recordings], 2010
  • Doctormusic Project, The Party has Just Begun [Timewarp Music] – track on digital album (2012)
  • Steevo & Soundshaker “Miss Gray Ticino Jazz Version” [NuJazz Records] Digital Single/EP (2011)
  • Steevo & Soundshaker “Cajus Forest mix” [NuJazz Records] Digital Single/EP (2013)
  • “Pigneto Conspiracy” (Till2012 records Ep inc. D Arcangelo remix) 2009
  • “Tequila” (Till2012 records – traccia su compilation), 2012
  • “While I’m Lost In Your Eyes” (Till2012 records – track on compilation), 2011
  • “L’Italia Peggiore” (Till2012 records – track on compilation), 2011
  • “Morning Queed” (Till2012 records – track on compilation), 2013
  • “Assodo” (Till2012 records – track on compilation), 2013
  • “Patrizia” (Till2012 records – track on compilation), 2013


  • Agostino Maria Ticino Volume one  (Irma records Album)2012
  • About Music and Electricity ( Irma records Album) 2013
  • At Home (Soundiva Music Library Album ) 2013
  • Try to be myself (Soundiva Music Library Album ) 2013

Documentary and Film Music

  • Soundtrack for CGIL documentary (2012)
  • Soundtrack Cornetto Algida internet spot (2012)
  •  Giò Rondas trailer (2012) |FabrianoNews videopromo (2012)
  • Soundtrack I Cacciatori del grande nord (sky), 2011 Caccia e pesca‘s soundtrack, on Terraferma, 2011, Festival del Cinema di Venezia – Oscar Los Angeles
  • Premio Internazionale Donna dell’anno, Regione Valle d’Aosta (presentation video’s soundtrack)
  • 2011 Il trafficante di libriRoberto Orazi, Festival del Cinema di Roma, 2010.