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NoBudget Jury Award & NoBudget Audience Award ›Optimistic Vision‹

Sono felice di annunciarvi che il cortometraggio Little Block of Cement with Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea di cui ho composto e mixato le musiche ha vinto il premio giuria e il premio del pubblico al 29. Internationales Kurz Film Festival Hamburg.

Grazie Jorge Lopez Navarrete per la splendida opportunità



NoBudget Jury Award (2000 Euro)

NoBudget Audience Award ›Optimistic Vision‹ (2000 Euros)

Jury statement

Immaculately conceived, supremely artful and sensitively shot, the most enigmatically entitled film of the NoBudget Competition, convinced the jury for it’s story of high altitude Ecuadorian romance. Guest featuring the Galapagos Brigade Band of Riobamba, and two main protagonists whose portrayal of the give and take of commitment never fails to convince, “Little Block of Cement with Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea” is a work of great ambition. Through Jorge López Navarrete’s masterful edit, the power of cinema reveals and evokes the most profound of human emotions, transforming the runaway tale of a white mare and a German Shepherd Dog into a widescreen epic of jealousy, betrayal and romance.





A Video Gift for Green Point Film Festival – New York


After its exciting premiere in 2011, featuring retrospectives of David Lynch and Jonas Mekas and including Mekas’s film My Mars Bars Movie, introduced by the filmmaker himself, the Greenpoint Film Festival returns with competitive and curated programs of cutting-edge experimental and independent films from contemporary filmmakers.

The four-day program includes over 25 films selected by eight judges from a competitive field of over 100 submissions in all categories, including Documentary, Narrative, and Experimental. In addition, festival curators have assembled a stunning selection of shorts and features for our special category themes Environmental and Community, along with Q&A’s and panels.

My Work: Little Block of Cement With Disheveled Hair Containing the Sea


A dog and a mare embark upon a voyage together. With every step they take, the differences between them become inevitably clearer, and yet the profound mutual knowledge they develop over time shows the potential to suddenly produce a luminous moment between the two.
Much more than a love story, “Little block of cement with disheveled hair containing the sea” is a story of needing, of searching, and, above all, of coexisting. The idea of romantic love, in whose name we decide to share our life with someone, often masks other types of needs that have no relation with a firm belief in mutual and unconditional surrender as the ideal manner of living. Nevertheless, the decision to come together and share our life with another person, despite innumerable disagreements, eventually provides a valuable experience for both parties.
The dog and the mare are metaphors for two very different people who decide to share a life journey. The reasons why such events happen are not always clear, which is why I did not want this to be the sole metaphor used to recount events. Thus, the title introduces an additional metaphor which connects to the emotional situation of one of the main characters, in this case the dog, while admitting the difficulty of encapsulating the entire experience in one simple accurate representation.

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